Pet Mass Removals

Royersford Veterinary Hospital provides various surgical services for animals, from routine spays and neuters to mass removal surgery.

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Pet Mass Removals

The excision of masses or lumps is perhaps the most frequent soft tissue surgery performed on animals. To improve the prognosis and overall outcome for you and your pet, early removal and a precise diagnosis made possible by histology are advised.

As pets get older, skin lumps are prevalent, particularly in or under the skin. We advise removing them when they are young because surgery will be less intrusive if they are little. The same can be stated with abdominal masses. We can perform a wide range of stomach and intestinal operations, including removing the spleen or foreign items (balls, rocks, socks, you name it). Another choice is to remove masses or lumps. Contact us today if you have any questions – we’d love to assist you. 

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